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Supporting the Cannabis Ecosystem: Buy Local at CSCC

by | May 28, 2020 | Cannabis, Industry News

California Street Cannabis Company opened its doors on January 16, 2020, exactly two months before Shelter in Place was enforced across the Bay Area. After two years of research, discovery, permits, and construction, we finally arrived on Hyde Street and California. We didn’t have much time to make our debut into the community, so here’s a background about who we are and what we stand for.

The CSCC Family

CSCC Founder Ben Bleiman began mentoring young co-founder Drakari Donaldson through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program at the age of 12. Drakari is a San Francisco native who was raised by his single mother in various public housing projects across the city. He was the first in his family to graduate college, earning a business degree from UC Merced, and eagerly joined the workforce with Ben, and Ben’s partner / third CSCC co-founder Duncan Ley. After years of working for the two entrepreneurs, first as a dishwasher at age 14, barback, then bartender at the local bar Bullitt, Drakari graduated, and at age 22 became general manager of two of the group’s bars. When the cannabis equity program was implemented, Ley thought this could be a great opportunity for Donaldson to start something of his own. After searching the city for the right spot, they finally found 1398 California Street and the three partnered up to form CSCC.

Brand Values

CSCC strives to support our community by choosing NorCal grown brands, supporting companies of all races and sexes, and collaborating with local artists and organizations (all art in the shop was created by local SF artists). It is vital for us to support the cannabis ecosystem, to pay tribute to Northern California, and to make buying decisions that support the industry as a whole. Most of our products come from within 200 miles of the city and some are even grown and manufactured here; we consider where products come from and the impact that has on small businesses and on the environment. We don’t believe in buying products just because they are trending but instead based on human interactions, brand stories, and the quality of the products/supply chain. We vet our products so that you don’t have to! We wouldn’t carry any products that we wouldn’t share with our families. Sometimes that means not carrying a mainstream product that may be selling well at other retailers, but that’s not most important to us. CSCC is an activist with an opinion and a strong stance on the political cannabis climate; We are honored to do this important work to destigmatize this plant medicine and make it accessible to all, with integrity.

Destigmatizing Cannabis

Our community-oriented vision guides us in curating a space that is welcoming to cannabis users of all experience levels, ages, sexes, income brackets and cultures. We strive for our patients to feel welcome whether they have $10 or $1000 in their pockets. The majority of our staff are people of color and/or Spanish speaking and we hope that helps consumers of those demographics feel included instead of alienated. We also chose to sell clones so that guests are able to see the plant in the flesh and form a connection to it. Whether you are experienced in growing or you are brand new to the idea of consuming, there is something about touching the plant that facilitates de-stigmatization and normalization. We are proud to work with Dark Heart Nursery who has played a vital role in the cannabis ecosystem for over a decade by providing premium clones that are designed to be successful in diverse growing environments. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the incredible interactions and community growth that self-growing has facilitated. All of our staff members compare growing tips and we even have a group of customers who love to show off their progress.

Cannabis You Can Trust

Our values are demonstrated through the brands we support. We do our best to stimulate the cannabis industry ecosystem by supporting companies who need us most, who are shaking up the industry and giving back to communities. For example, all profits from Brother David’s go towards protecting the land lives, and communities of small-scale family farms practicing regenerative agriculture and fighting back against unjust cannabis criminalization. James Henry is another equity-based company founded and operated out of Oakland, committed to local hiring, inclusive organizational team building, environmental responsibility, and social equity. Female and minority-owned Pure Beauty is one of the most sustainable brands in the game using 100% renewable energy, natural water sources with zero waste (they donate used soil to public parks), and they even developed plant-based child-proof mylar packaging! They also donate a portion of proceeds to fund programming for current and post incarcerated populations. Potli, Kikoko, Gold Seal, and Kingston Royal are a few other women-owned or local brands we’re proud to support, and there are many more!

Giving Back To The Community

In addition to supporting local brands and artists, we are excited to announce our upcoming Compassion Program in partnership with San Francisco based Brownie Mary Democratic Club and Weekender’s cannabis. Weekenders will be donating organic, out-door, and sustainably grown CBD pre-rolls that will be available at low or no cost to low income, HIV+ patients in need. The program will be launching this Summer and will be the first of similar projects geared to giving back to not only the cannabis ecosystem but to those who have been impacted by the War on Drugs.

Support Small Businesses during Covid-19

By shopping at CSCC, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality, locally grown products made with intention and compassion, and that you are supporting small businesses in need. We have all safety precautions in place and encourage you to browse our online menu and order for pickup to minimize interactions. We can’t wait til we can invite you into our space with open arms to celebrate our community in person. Until then, be safe, and stay sane!

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