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Cannabis Culture & Connected Distancing 

by | Apr 3, 2020 | Industry News

Here at California Street Cannabis Company, we are currently emphasizing two S phrases; “social distancing” and “simple solutions” (well, three if you count “sativa products”). The Covid-19 crisis has clearly underscored cannabis’s role in a healthy civil society. From the moment San Francisco deemed cannabis an “essential” product, we’ve been figuring out the best ways to keep you safely connected to our services, staff, and cannabis culture. The rest of the time we’ve been figuring out the best ways to not go, you know, fucking crazy. The answers to both of these current conundrums share one basic theme: Keep It Simple.rolling joints

Slow Your Roll with Us

When it comes to cannabis, we’ve got you covered. Now that every day feels like a Sunday, lean in and pick up a 7-pack of Sunday Goods pre-roll hybrid Delights. If you’ve ever wondered whether that “couch-lock effect” is real, we’ve got indicas, more indicas, and even more indicas. Looking for a boost of positive energy? Steep your stress away with a box of Kikoko Positivi-Tea. If your respiratory system could use a break, check out our wide selection of edibles with staples like Kiva chocolate bars, new favorites like Wyld real-fruit gummies or, for the more culinarily creative, cannabis-infused cooking oils from Potli. And if now’s the time to start tending to your own garden, we are the only dispensary in San Francisco currently selling clones and seedlings straight from our friends at Dark Heart Nursery.

The point is: there are plenty of things to be anxious about right now, don’t let access to your favorite cannabis products be one of them. Our website and our newsletter provide you with a regularly-updated and easy to navigate product menu as well as our current ordering and pickup guidelines. Click it, Buy it, Pick it up.  

Cannabis Culture Gets us Through

When it comes to staying sane, well, that is perhaps the more difficult problem. If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the unprecedented events of the last month, it’s that the little things in life matter. Zoom chats with friends. Big fat rolls of quilted toilet paper. Documentaries about exotic cats and the polygamous prides of rednecks who love them. Eating ice cream every damned night! These are the little things getting us through our collective crisis.

Here at California Street Cannabis Blog (CSCB, baby!), we are going to share with you some of the simple pleasures that keep us keeping on. Whether its songs we love, reviews of our favorite products, a list of the 7 best places in SF to get high alone or that one time Mark Twain ate cannabis candy on Clay Street, we’re going to try to keep your mind occupied on the good things in life (surprise, a lot of them involve marijuana).

It’s gonna be a long strange trip so let’s travel it together, at least six feet apart at all times!

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