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How to Use a Cannabis Oil Vape Pen

by | Apr 16, 2020 | Cannabis

Vape pens are increasing in popularity among cannabis users. The pens are more discreet and portable. They create a much less potent aroma than smoking. Another significant benefit of vaping is that the pen is incredibly easy to use. Whether you’re new to cannabis or you’re looking for a different way to use it, here’s what you need to know about using a cannabis oil vape pen.

How a Vape Pen Works

A vape pen provides you with another way to use cannabis, giving you an alternative to the traditional smoking method. With a pen, an atomizer transforms electrical energy into heat, which is then used to warm your vape material. The material (liquid, extract, or dry herb) is heated enough to turn the active ingredients into an inhalable vapor but not hot enough to create combustion. This allows you to avoid the toxins and carcinogens you might otherwise inhale while smoking.

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Using Your Cannabis Oil Vape Pen

Before you use a cannabis oil vape pen, you have to load it. You can use a pre-filled disposable cartridge, which is generally easier to use. All you have to do is screw the cartridge into place. You can also find refillable cartridges, which are refilled with new cannabis oil rather than discarded when empty. 

If your vape pen uses a button, you will need to push it three to five times. The button also adjusts the temperature of the vaporizer, which requires another series of clicks. When you’re ready to inhale, hold down the button and take a draw.

Many cannabis oil vape pens don’t have a button. Instead, they work by using what is known as auto-draw. All you have to do is put the mouthpiece to your lips and inhale. Avoid inhaling as hard or as deep as you can. Small hits typically provide the best results. After taking a puff, exhale the vapor. 

How to Clean Your Vape Pen

Unless you’re using a disposable pen, cleaning your cannabis oil vape pen is a must. Cleaning is essential for ensuring that your pen lasts as long as possible. It’s also important for your health. While you may not be exposed to the same toxins as you would with smoking, buildup inside of your pen could be harmful to your health. 

Disassemble your pen to clean it. Open the heating element and remove the mouthpiece. Clean the rim and inside of the mouthpiece with the dab tool or cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol. You should also clean the inside layer of the heating chamber. Avoid putting too much pressure on the heating coil. Allow the pen to dry completely and reassemble it. 

Storing Your Vape Pen

When not in use, your vape pen should be stored in a safe, secure location. Cannabis oil should also be properly stored. Oil should be kept out of direct sunlight, which can otherwise degrade the THC. Store the oil in a dark, dry location.

Cannabis oil should be kept away from high heat, ideally around 70 degrees or room temperature. Heat can darken the color of the oil and affect the flavor. While the oil isn’t as susceptible to issues at cold temperatures as cannabis flowers, avoid storing it in the freezer. Oil cartridges stored in the freezer can create moisture issues that can later affect their functionality. 

Cannabis oil vape pens offer several benefits. While they’re easy to use, how you use them, clean them, and store them can affect your experience. Be sure to use your vape pen correctly and take care of it. Consult the instructions included with your pen if you have any questions. 

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