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How Technology is Transforming the Marijuana Industry

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Cannabis, CBD, concentrates, extracts, Industry News, Recreational Cannabis, technology, THC

With the advancement in technology, industries are now expanding the way we get high. There is arguably no sector where technology has not set its foot in, and the marijuana industry is no exception. In the recent past, the marijuana industry has substantially flourished. Wh these technological breakthroughs and the legalization of marijuana products, there has been a significant spike in the consumption and production of cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes. 

Technology has revolutionized the way people carry out businesses. Listed here are five ways how technology has profoundly shaped and transformed the marijuana industry.

Cultivation and Extraction

The marijuana industry has influenced investors worldwide, and quite evidently, their money has been used properly. The rising demand for cannabis has encouraged the use of new and advanced technologies while cultivating the plants. However, Weed Gummies remain on the cutting edge of the CBD industry. It is imperative to use technology when farming to faster the harvest time and improve the quality to match customer’s needs. This makes it easier for companies to produce high-quality CBD (cannabidiol) products.

With every innovation, there are newer ways of extracting and planting CBD. Industries use such remote sensors to aid the process as to how the plant usually grows. The usage of these technologies in the industry facilitates the separation of medical compounds from other marijuana elements. Cannabis goes through tests before being passed on through the final product to assure quality and product safety. 

DNA Sequencing 

Because cannabis has brain-altering compounds, the legalization of marijuana products has allowed the growth of innumerable scientific developments and possibilities of new products to trade in the market. DNA sequencing and genetic mapping of cannabis have revolutionized weed consumption. Owing to the brain-altering chemical compounds in marijuana like CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), a Colorado-based company has already taken the initiative to use CRISPR technology to sequence the plant’s DNA. This attempts to understand the benefits it provides to the human body, using the CRISPR gene editing to grow marijuana that does not have either CBD or THC compounds present in it.  

Personalized and Quality Products  

Advances in technology have customized the consumption of marijuana. Till a few years back, smoking was the only way to consume marijuana. You can choose to consume weed in various forms – vapes, oils, tinctures, sweets, gummies, and other such food products. However, it is essential to develop the correct blend of THC and CBD present in every product, finding which could be quite challenging. Continuous efforts are also on their way to encapsulate the chemical compounds found in cannabis to improve the products’ efficacy as people’s biochemistry causes them to process cannabinoids differently. 

Because this is a psychoactive substance, consumption of a different strain different from your physiological need can cause a real problem. Technology helps in eliminating this problem by processing cannabis contents in a measured proportion.


kiva camino

E-Commerce and Retail Applications 

The internet age has enabled businesses to thrive through e-commerce websites that have significantly changed in recent years. Now that technology is into play, buying, selling, and marketing marijuana products have drastically changed. It is now possible to purchase marijuana products through companies’ applications without any complications or civic authorities’ fear. States which have legalized cannabis now are using these apps to handpick their preferred cannabis products delivered right at their doorstep. 

Several companies are developing apps to educate their customers on their cannabis-products and their various options available. However, one should always be cautious when purchasing these products since the laws regarding the production and consumption of cannabis-products keep changing.

Efficient Use of LED Lights to Grow Indoors

One of the most predominant advances in marijuana involves the ability to grow indoors. One of the primary concerns in the cultivation of cannabis plants is that they have a ravenous craving for broad-spectrum light. If grown indoors, the plants would require high-intensity discharge bulbs, that are expensive and devour an enormous electric current.

Newer bulbs can release a wideband light spectrum better than the older ones that could only cover the red and blue frequencies. Technology has also led to the manufacturing of directional lamps, which throw light rays on cannabis plants.

With the revolutionizing LED technology, farmers are now using LED bulbs, which provide ample light for enhanced production and 


precise THC distribution. These lights make it possible to cultivate marijuana from home without the wastage of immense amounts of energy. LED lights also build significantly less heat than the older bulbs, enabling cultivators to save on temperature and ducting control. NASA has carried out trials using LED lights to grow plants in space. Also, many other marijuana cultivators have switched their equipment into LED lights.

Cannabis is on the route to becoming a mainstream product, as more states are legalizing marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes. This is mostly possible due to advancements in technology, which will only continue to flourish in the years to come.

Written by, Rebecca D, Cannabis Content Educator


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