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The Best Cannabis Brands | Buddies Brand

by | Nov 2, 2020 | concentrates, extracts, Recreational Cannabis, vape, Vendor Spotlight

California Street Cannabis Company is the best Cannabis Dispensary in San Francisco, and we owe a large part of that to the brands that we carry. We research, interview, and sample every product we carry. Making sure that if it isn’t something we wouldn’t consume ourselves, we won’t put it on the shelves. You can be confident when you shop at our store, every product we have is the best California Cannabis has to offer.

This is important, while there are brands out there, like Raw Garden, who are very misleading with their marketing of what their products really are, claiming to be top shelf live resin, when it isn’t. So, we put in the work to make sure we carry the best extracts and live resin products you can find. 

Today we are highlighting Buddies Brand. Makers of the best Cannabis extracts and Live Resin you can find in California.

CSCC: “What is your name and role with the company?”

Buddies: “I’m Scott, Head of Sales for NorCal!”

CSCC:What products does Buddies Brand make?”

CSCC: “What makes your products stand out?” 
Scott: “Combination of high quality oils used for affordable price points.”
CSCC: When did the company start?
Scott:  “2017”
CSCC: What led you to working in the Cannabis industry? What made you want to work for Buddies?
Scott: “I’ve been in the cannabis space for 15 years.  Its been my passion since the first chemotherapy patient that I introduced cannabis too, which helped them in so many ways.  I chose to work for Buddies because I stand behind their beliefs and business practices.  The team from top to bottom, is made up of nothing but loving and caring humans, wanting to bring the best quality cannabis products, for the most affordable price points.”
CSCC: Please explain some of the positives of working in the Cannabis industry! 
Buddies: “Positives of working in the cannabis community include, first and foremost, bringing joy to people’s lives with cannabis, helping aid in healing or relief of ailments people face, by using cannabis, and the unity the cannabis community exemplifies with events and gatherings through-out the year.  Also the diverse culture that the cannabis community is composed of is a beautiful thing.”
CSCC: “Where do you see the Cannabis industry going in the next 5-10 years?” 
Scott: “I see the cannabis community maturing in the next 5 years and setting the correct standards in regards to pricing and consistent quality.”
CSCC: “How have you personally benefited from Cannabis?”
Scott: “I’ve personally benefited from cannabis in many ways.  One in which is helping to relax and calm me down.  Yah boy has ADHD and cannabis has always been such a big help with that.  Another way I’ve benefited from cannabis, is all of the wonderful people I have met in the community.  There are so many awesome people that make up our community and it is always a pleasure getting to know all the people and all the dope things they are doing in the industry.”
CSCC: “If you were talking to a young person interested in working in the Cannabis industry, what advice would you have for them?”
Scott:  “Experience.  From the bottom to the top.  You can’t get to the top without learning from the ground up.  Thus if you want to get into the cannabis industry, start wherever opportunity presents itself and the journey will continue as long as your passion for cannabis is true.  You might fail a few times but if you don’t quit you will never lose.  Be patient and ride the wave, because no matter what avenue of business you choose there is always a wild and bumpy ride that gets you to where you wanna be eventually.”
CSCC: “Tell us your top 3 favorite movies, or bands, of all time!” 
More Information about Buddies products can be found here, and if you feel like picking some up for yourself, head over to our site, we love their Diamonds Live Resin!

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